Chapter Seven

The morning crept on The Sword with a swiftness and with it approached Whitewool’s army.  Before Billingsley’s men were ready to move out, Whitewool was already approaching the base of The Blemish. A horn sounded, waking Seth up from his deep sleep.  Groggy eyes and yawns surrounded him as confusion broke out around the reasoningContinue reading “Chapter Seven”

Chapter Five

Sand rained down like a dense snow in that early evening when Seth arrived back in Sternum.  It would be another week before he was to report to the Sword, but the first of the regiment had already begun to trickle back into the city.   When he crossed the threshold of his homestead he couldContinue reading “Chapter Five”

Chapter Three

The sand engulfed Seth’s feet as he stood where the green tapered to tan.  The horizon rose before him like a blemish in the sea of earth.  What remained of the dune that was blown away centuries ago leaving only its core.  The hard stone that was forged in the belly of the Earth beforeContinue reading “Chapter Three”

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